Group: Lobby Corp

Associated Students Lobby Corps is an organization that strives to unite activism, professionalism, and strategic action planning while implementing local, state-wide, and national campaigns. We initiate, develop, and implement campaigns that alter the relations of power that adversely affect students on the UCSB campus. Lobby Corps strives to instigate change within our current political reality, focusing on protecting the rights of students and fighting against the declining accessibility and quality of higher education. To this end, Lobby Corps will work on issues affecting all students especially those of underrepresented communities. Lobby Corps is an ASUCSB unit that researches and analyzes pending local, state, and national legislation and government programs. The goal of Lobby Corps is to influence legislators and government officials in order to promote student’s views on issues that affect students as well as giving students real-world political and organizing experience.

Lobby Corp

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