Group: Isla Vista Community Relations Committee

IVCRC is an Associated Students committee that works to promote and educate the Isla Vista community as a whole by nurturing the relationships between the long-term and short-term residents. In addition, IVCRC funds on-campus and off-campus groups that work to improve the community. IVCRC is a committee filled with active and passionate students who wish to bring the Isla Vista community as a whole together.

We organize some of the biggest events in Isla Vista such as Pardall Carnival and Chilla Vista– so be ready to put in a lot of work for IVCRC and for the community. These positions involve more than simply showing up to meetings and will require a lot of work outside of meeting times, but the work that IVCRC does is fulfilling and builds communities in ways that you never imagined!

Please keep in mind that Pardall Carnival is the first or second Saturday of Fall Quarter 2017, so we will begin organizing in the summer.

Isla Vista Community Relations Committee

Chair(s): Yiu-On Li, Abraham Del Rio Castillo, Bella Strollo
Chair(s) Emails:,,

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