Group: Commission on Culture, Arts, and Joy Justice

The A.S. Commission on Culture, Arts, and Joy Justice (CCAJJ) is dedicated to enhancing a campus culture of inclusion and belonging for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) in order to ensure equity in the overall enjoyment of all aspects of the UCSB experience. This commission offers a platform for coalition-building among BIPOC students and cultural organizations to strengthen a united front in tackling intersectional issues, to hold the institution accountable to their equity, diversity and inclusion measures, and to ensure the sustainability of these student-led efforts for institutional changes. We aim to combat the effects of racial and cultural marginalization on an institutional and systemic level through cultural celebrations, advocacy initiatives, and educational programming to increase cross-cultural understanding and solidarity, and to positively uplift the climate of the entire campus and the community at large.

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Commission on Culture, Arts, and Joy Justice

Chair(s): Charlene Macharia
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