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Available AS Executive Office Positions

» Office of the Attorney General (OAG) Openings: 2

Mission:The Attorney General shall act as the investigator and prosecutor in those cases which she/he brings to Judicial Council of violations against the A.S. Constitution and By-laws. She/he may also serve as an advisor to those who wish to bring a case themselves.


Time/Location of Meetings:TBD

Current board members:Chosen the discretion of President Hechler with recommendations by the C.o.C., and conferred duty only upon official motion by the Sixty-Seventh A.S. Senate.

Staff member:Dr. Marisela Marquez

Postion: Caseworkers

Description: Caseworkers in the office of the attorney general assist the Attorney and Solicitor generals conduct investigations and prosecutions of violations of the associated students legal code.

Openings: 2


Length: 1 Academic Year

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» President's Office (ASOP) Openings: 1

Mission:The AS President acts as the official representative of the student body in all campus, system-wide, local, state, and federal matters. The office is here as a resource to accomplish the goals and address the concerns of YOU, the students.


Time/Location of Meetings:TBA

Current board members:AS President Austin Hechler

Staff member:TBA

Postion: Dream Scholar Coordinator

Description: This position is tasked with creating additional resources to inform students on how to better serve and be allies to the undocumented community. Furthermore, this position has the duty of making AS spaces more accessible and open to students of varying immigrational background.

Openings: 1


Length: 1 academic year

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